We reflected for a long time what could the city of Brasov lack from a real estate point of view! We realized that something that would integrate harmoniously in the specifics of the area and that would bring more value and originality to it would be the proper components for a successful project. So we identified very easily that the specific of the area is “touristic”, when you say Brasov you think inevitably to the number one touristic city of Romania, and everything is well connected with the nature, with the green of the forests that here can be found generously. Than we realized also the “cosmopolite” specific of the town and of the entire area that is found at the confluence of the main historical regions of the country, at the fact that here has distillated and grayish over the time a unique and complex culture that still in the present is integrating dynamic and easily styles, ethnics and needs extremely different. In order to have a complete picture of a successful real estate project here in Brasov we could not forget the “economical” component which in order to be satisfied it must be well connected   with the ideas of tourism and cosmopolite. In order to be an economical success the project needs to harmonize components like:  residential, touristic, commercial, recreational, sports or leisure.

So next we present our concept of real estate project that is based on the three basic components: “touristic”, “cosmopolite”, and “economical”.



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